Merging Music, Medicine and Ministry

min2Dr. Williams is a board‐certified Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose & Throat Physician) who recently relocated to Nashville, TN where he opened his surgical practice, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists of Nashville. In addition to his establishing his private surgical practice on the campus of Southern Hills Medical Center, he is also an adjunct assistant professor at Meharry Medical College and founded the Voice Care Center of Nashville, where he specializes in treating and preventing voice problems in Christian and Gospel music artists. As an independent gospel recording artist himself, Dr. Williams has a keen insight to not only the medical and surgical implications of voice disturbances, but also the many spiritual impacts.

med6During his medical school training, Williams wrestled with the possible demands that his future medical career (neurosurgery or cardiac surgery at that time) would preclude his ability to effectively develop the ministry he’d been called into. While completing his Ph.D. studies, a colleague suggested Otolaryngology. After much prayer, it became apparent that the opportunity to treat voice problems and educate on vocal care would afford the ideal mechanism for merging music, ministry and medicine.

“I have been given tremendous favor in opportunities to educate the body of Christ on the importance of the voice – not just for singers but for every believer,” expresses Williams. Williams has facilitated workshops and been featured at Gospel Announcers Guild Conventions, Beyond Potential Music Gathering, I.M.A.C.Conference, Bobby Jones Gospel, TCT TV, Airplay 360 Ezine and served as on-call voice doctor for The Dove Awards. The primary goal for Williams is the education of singers, preachers and speakers in proper vocal technique and voice hygiene to help prevent the development of voice problems and ultimately enhance the worship experience.

unspecified2Along with being a physician, a songwriter, lecturer, worship leader and elder at his home church Oasis Worship Center, most significantly, Williams is a husband and father to which there is a divine balance. “I have a wife and three children who love the Lord and understand the call of God on my life,” Williams adoringly states. “More importantly, they celebrate and not simply tolerate the calling.”

Williams is first and foremost the priest of his home and without reservation will sacrifice for his family. “Lord knows my commitment to my family and that I would not do anything to compromise the health of my family,” he explains. “God is not glorified if I leave my first ministry poorly attended to for the sake of ministry outside the home to strangers.”

“As a physician, regardless of how tired or exhausted I might be, when my pager goes off, I go to the hospital to tend the needs of a complete stranger, in many cases without the promise of compensation,” Williams continues. “I dare not deprive my family of a commitment that I freely offer to strangers. They are deserving of much more of me – and that I’ve vowed to deliver.”

Williams is loyal to his family, is a meticulous medical expert and is passionate about his music ministry. His offering – Everything.